PRÁCTICAS DE PERIFERIA is a series of simultaneous driftings (meanderings) undertaken by a group of artists and cultural researchers from Argentina, Ecuador and Switzerland. Each participant focuses on a particular layer of observation, action, and documentation which is weaved into a collective cartography of periphery. All the simultaneous drifts share a departure location, 2 encounter nodes, and an arrival location. Each of this places bring the meandering group together to share their ongoing process both among the group but also in public situations. 

A constant element for the duration of the driftings and across all of them is  the significant bodies of water (river basins) constituting a connecting tissue in each of the zones of realization of the project. Bodies of water which lead the group through a progression of ultra-urban, suburban and rural geographies along Matanza-Riachuelo an Salado Basins in Argentina and Guayas Basin in Ecuador.

Considerations of mobility and its impact on our relationship to space and time are key to the project's process. The drifting artists move only by self-propelled means - walking, bicycling, rowing - enabling the traversing the territories in unexpected ways. These motions constitute a performative tool to navigate the super-imposed expressive layers accumulated in the territory. 

PRÁCTICAS DE PERIFERIA utilizes an integrated mobile digital toolset for synchronic interpretive documentation and expression. During the drifting experiences the project includes an exhibition portal which shares with visitors the real time documentation and expression process of the artists.