Perderse en la traducción - Dibujo como memoria


Traducción al español en breve.


"If it's not save, it's lost."  /  "Si no se guardar se pierde."

An exciting all around the clock performative work situation.

Drifting in the landscape, drifting in language, drifting in communication, drifting as a purpose, drifting as conscious action.

I don’t speak Spanish, as the whole «peripheral» team does.

Sometimes when I have been speaking with one of those from the team as well as during a meeting on the web, I have completely lost my words as my brain tries to translate Spanish into French. It’s close, but it is also far away. La « périphérie » in French, is there, in between the speaking languages and in an out of a landscape that I cannot imagine. And this is also drifting.

I don’t know Argentina. I’ve only been there for an exhibition in BSAS fifteen years ago but during several weeks. There, other than working in Buenos Aires I have been experimenting a Tour of the land la Pampa,  by bus, a memorable bus ride of 20 hours long.

When walking I’d like to stop up when I feel like it and then draw the landscape, plants, stones, animals, people -instantly.

During the residence I would like to try to encounter and share this land and all the « living » being there, this way through drifting and drawing.

Walking is indeed a way of discovering the land, the others, and of course yourself. Outside and inside, drifting into perceptions, knowledge -and drawings. This is a statement, this is my plan. Through the construction of this « drifting road book », I would certainly be outside my comfort zone (geographically and linguistically) but this is the professional part of my life as an artist and taking physically part in this drifting and drawing is my artworking research and it has been experimented widely for a very long time.