Las re-vueltas (english)

A mobile research based on confronting literary references with on-site experiences, local stories and modes of transmission. We start from intuitions and research literary references in advance, to anticipate an experience, not from the tourist based one, but from the poetic-historical. We will seek to link ideas about the traveling-errant as an aesthetic experience and construction of meaning, the marginal, the doing nothing / laziness, the body in nature and its metamorphosis, the river as a transport of stories, witness of times, hidden stories.

Our process will predispose us reactive to the context. We will rely on anthropological observation, to try to identify ways of organizing a passing place. We make confidence in the walking creative process, generating walking thinking. We will try to produce a collection along the way: the relationship with the people it meets, its stories, its relationships with the river, that there were, that there are, that there will be… songs, urban poets. We will use the bicycle as a collector-transport device, a mobile structure that will be transformed during the tour.

The texts, poems inspired by the encounters / places will be written in-situ to create a word mapping. Text / word installations may remain in some places or performatically with the bicycle to create new stories in relation